Top 5 Losingest NBA Franchises

These teams have struggled over the years. This list counts down the top 5 losingest NBA franchises.

#5 Charlotte Hornets 1027-1303 (.441)

Charlotte Hornets: Is there a plan going into next season?

At #5 we have Michael Jordan’s Hornets. The Hornets have been a joke of the league for some time now. Hopefully, their young talent can help turn the franchise around in the next couple of years.

#4 Brooklyn Nets 1450-2028 (.417)


The Nets joined the league in 1976 following a merger between the NBA and ABA. The Nets hope their move from New Jersey to Brooklyn can bring them success in the coming years.

#3 Memphis Grizzlies 792-1128 (.413)

Week-side Help: Oh yeah I forgot we're bad (Week 2) - Grizzly Bear ...

Founded in 1995, the Grizzlies are one of the newer franchises in the league. Unfortunately, these past 25 years have not necessarily been pretty for Memphis. The Grizzlies look to rookie Ja Morant to turn around the franchise in the next decade.

#2 Los Angeles Clippers 1610-2360 (.406)

LA Clippers: Breaking down the efficiency of this year's roster

This one might come to a surprise to some due to the Clippers current success. However historically the Clippers have never been a solid franchise. Since 1970 the Clippers have racked up many losing seasons.

#1 Minnesota Timberwolves 961-1451 (.398)

Minnesota Timberwolves: Grading Karl-Anthony Towns' season

Since its founding in 1989, the Timberwolves have experienced little success. Superstar Karl Anthony Towns looks to turn around the franchise in the coming years.

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