Top 5 WVU Football Helmets

Morgantown knows football. This list counts down our top 5 helmets the Mountaineers have worn over the years.

#5 2010 Black Helmet

Although only worn in 2010, the black WVU helmet was ahead of its time and needs to be brought back ASAP.

#4 2017 – Present Navy Helmet

This helmet takes the number 4 spot due to its simplicity. The Navy helmet looks good with many uniform combinations.

#3 2017 – Present America Helmet

These helmets represent West Virginia and America. What more could you ask for?

#2 2013 – Present Yellow Helmet

Coming in at #2 is the WVU yellow helmet. These are a fan favorite amongst many in Morgantown.

#1 1980 – Present Navy Helmet

This one is easy. This helmet represents WVU football and has been worn by the Mountaineers for the past 40 years.

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