Top 5 Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys

Although a relatively new franchise, the Memphis Grizzlies have worn some cool uniforms over the years. This list counts down are top 5 Memphis Grizzlies Jerseys.

#5 Statement Jersey 2017 – 2018

Memphis Grizzles
Statement Jersey 2017-2018

At the #5 spot we have the 2017-2018 statement jersey. These light blue threads are a nice alternate and the Grizz can’t go wrong rocking these.

#4 Home / Away Jersey 2018 – Present

Memphis Grizzles 2018-Pres

The current home / away jerseys come in at #4. These are a solid set of jerseys and are more visually appealing than their previous home / away jersey set.

#3 Hardwood Classic Jersey 2015 – 2016

Memphis Grizzlies Hardwood Classic:
Memphis Sounds Jersey 2015-2016

At #3 we have the Hardwood Classic Jersey. These jerseys take the #3 spot due to their unique color and vintage look.

#2 Home / Away Jersey 2000 – 2001

Vancouver Grizzlies 2000-2001
Record: 23-59 (28%)

An iconic jersey set. Although only worn for one season, these jerseys were undefeated.

#1 1995 – 2000 Home / Away Jersey

Vancouver Grizzlies 1995-2000 Record: 78-300 (21%)

The 1995 – 2000 home / away jersey set takes the top spot. Around the league people love this jersey and it is a popular jersey purchase to this day.

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