Top 5 Los Angeles Clippers Jerseys

Since the franchise’s founding in 1970, the Clippers have worn many jerseys. We consider their threads in Buffalo, San Diego, and Los Angeles to determine our top 5.

#5 City Jersey 2019 – 2020

Los Angeles Clippers
City Jersey 2019-2020

At the #5 spot we have the 2019-2020 Clippers city jersey. These threads are simple, but nice. The lettering also reminds us of Grand Theft Auto.

#4 City Jersey 2018-2019

Los Angeles Clippers
City Jersey 2018-2019

Our #4 pick belongs to the 2018-2019 City Jersey. The navy blue color looks real good as well as the LA logo across the chest.

#3 City Jersey 2017-2018

Los Angeles Clippers
City Jersey 2017-2018

Our #3 spot goes to the 2017-2018 City Jersey. The light blue threads are inspired by the 1970’s San Diego Clippers.

#2 Statement Jersey 2017-Present

Los Angeles Clippers
Statement Jersey 2017-Present

At #2, we have the Clippers Statement Jersey. The blacks look great and they are our favorite current jersey.

#1 Buffalo Braves Home / Away 1971-1973

Our top spot belongs to the Buffalo Braves Home & Away Jerseys from 1971-1973. The Braves were terrible in these jerseys going 43-121, but at least they looked good while losing.

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