Top 5 Chicago Bulls Jerseys

The Chicago Bulls aka one of the most successful NBA teams of all time. This list highlights our top 5 Bulls jerseys over the years.

#5 City Jersey 2018-2019

Chicago Bulls
City Jersey 2018-2019

Opening the list we have the 2018-2019 City jerseys. These jerseys incorporate the Chicago city flag and go away from the traditional Bulls color way.

#4 City Jersey 2019-2020

Chicago Bulls
City Jersey 2019-2020

The light blue Bulls jersey comes in at #4 on our list. These jerseys are unique in comparison to other Bulls jerseys. The light blue has really emerged into the Bulls color scheme.

#3 Home / Away 1983 – 1985

Chicago Bulls 1983-1985
Record: 65-99 (40%)

These jerseys are classics. Seeing these jerseys remind me of MJ’s rookie year in the league and the Bulls before their success in the 90’s. The red jersey with the cursive fonts are some of our favorites.

#2 Alternate 1995 – 1997

Chicago Bulls
Alternate Jersey 1995-1997

The #2 spot belongs to the Bulls black pinstripe jerseys. These jerseys look fierce and were worn during the glory days of the 90’s.

#1 Home / Away 1986 – 2006

Chicago Bulls 1986-2006
Record: 889-719 (55%)

#1 is a no brainer. The Bulls wore these jerseys for 20 years and won 6 champions wearing them. These jerseys are associated with MJ and will never be forgotten.

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